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Asia Pacific Cloud Technology Innovation Exhibition Zone

Asia Pacific Cloud Technology Innovation Zone

Asia Pacific Cloud Technology Innovation Exhibition Zone will display innovative technology and applications in cloud computing data center, IDC service providers, cloud service, mobile Internet, big data, smart city builders/operators and intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition zone will provide the chance to exchange with cloud service experts, to communicate with investment and financial institutions face to face.

Concurrent Conference

Mobile Payment Summit

Green Technology Innovation Forum

APCA Annual Awards

Exhibition Zone Scale

100--150 standard booths

Exhibitor Profile

·The Intelligent Hardware World: maker, VR/AR, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent peripherals, mobile phone protection products, wearable medical etc.

·The Digital World: intelligent service robots, smart home, intelligent life science and technology, intelligent home appliances, intelligent air purifier etc.

·The Innovative Electronic: drones, 3D printing, 3D glasses, mobile electronic devices, mobile electronic peripherals, security electronics and consumer electronics. 

·The Intelligent Driving: balanceable vehicle, car electronics, vehicle safety system, vehicle electrical appliances, intelligent vehicle networking equipment, car audio and video systems etc.

·The Cloud Computing Networking: cloud technology, big data, networking / car networking, RFID/ card, bio metrics, smart city, intelligent transportation etc.

·The Electronic Payment: Internet payment, mobile payment, telephone payment, pay TV, point of sale transactions, ATM’s and other electronic payment transactions and third party payment products; self-service terminal system, POS terminal, ATM, FCR and terminal equipment, magnetic card reading / terminal equipment; verification software; management, PKI access control system; self-service terminals, self-service terminal (KIOSK) and solutions, ATM machine, touch screen machine, queuing machine, self-check equipment, self-repayment machine, recharge payment, self-service fare, self-help guide / guide exhibitions.

·The Green Technology: intelligent lighting system, intelligent wireless, wireless automatic shutter curtains, wireless light switches, intelligent control unit, intelligent air purification equipment(haze), environmental wisdom integrated system solutions, smart water, energy and wisdom.

Visit Invitation

Professional visitors will invited from governments, universities, telecommunications, financing (banking, securities, and insurance), medical users and cloud application companies, Internet companies, traditional industry business representatives from domestic and foreign cooperators.

Booth Cost

Standard booth: 3,500 (USD) / 9 square meters

Raw Space: 350 (USD) / square meter, minimum 36 square meters

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